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New York Wine & Grape Foundation - Wine Competitions Program Update

Valerie Ross


New York Wine & Grape Foundation Wine Competitions Program 2017-2018: Updated List of Elligible Competitions as of 11/1/17

In an effort to gain more recognition for the high-quality wines produced in New York State, the Foundation assists wineries with the entry fees in national and international competitions. The matching ratio is currently 75:25 Winery to Foundation – April 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018.

This is an open budget (you don’t have to sign up ahead of time) and an easy process:

  • Many competitions now have online entry available and we encourage you to take advantage of that option because in most cases it will save both you and the Foundation some money. Some systems allow you to bypass the payment area and for others you may just need to indicate that the payment is coming by check.
  • If completing a paper entry, send (mail/fax) your entry form to the competition without payment, noting on the form that payment will be coming from NYWGF.
  • Send a copy of your entry form or online printout along with your check payable to the New York Wine & Grape Foundation for 75% of the total entry fee(s) to:

    New York Wine & Grape Foundation
    Attn: Kim Hughes
    800 South Main Street, Suite 200
    Canandaigua, NY 14424

  • The Foundation will send the full payment to the competition organizers on your behalf.
  • To ensure timely payment by the Foundation, please make sure that the Foundation receives your paperwork/check at least two weeks prior to the payment deadline to allow adequate time for the payment to be sent. Competition organizers are under no obligation to present your wine for judging if they haven’t received the entry fee(s).
  • Please contact Kim Hughes (585-394-3620, ext. 201 or if you have questions.

For this program to have the most impact possible, please let Kim know immediately whenever you receive an award and/or any type of recognition for your wines. We will post appropriate information on our website or social media, and/or include the information in our newsletter.

Watch for special emails about overseas competitions.
As we are able, the Foundation assist wineries in entering competitions held abroad. The participation is much the same as for those held in the US, except that we are able to sometimes coordinate shipment of the wine, dependent upon the number of wineries entering. Wineries pay 75% of their entry fee and 100% of their share of the freight costs.

Please note that the New York State Fair Wine Competition and the New York State Wine & Food Classic are NOT eligible for the program because only New York wines are judged.

Eligible Competitions List