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New York Wine & Grape Foundation to Work with Farm Credit East to Complete Strategic Planning

Valerie Ross



New York Wine & Grape Foundation to Work with Farm Credit East to Complete Strategic Planning

December 20, 2017

The New York Wine & Grape Foundation recently selected Farm Credit East consultants Nathan Rudgers and Gregg McConnell to complete a comprehensive strategic planning process for the organization. From these efforts, the Foundation hopes to learn more about critical issues facing the wine and grape community, discover new and innovative ways to assist in dealing with them, and broaden outreach to the community and its supporters.

“Farm Credit East has long been a supporter of New York’s wine and grape industry, both by supporting our members who participate in that industry and by providing important value-added services such as the Winery Benchmarks program, wine trail analysis and grant writing efforts,” said Bill Lipinski, Farm Credit East CEO. “Our consultants’ experience working with farm businesses and other farm organizations on strategic planning efforts uniquely positions us to be of service to the New York Wine & Grape Foundation.”

“The Wine & Grape Foundation is excited to partner with Farm Credit East because of their extensive background and credibility working with New York farmers, particularly the region’s wine and grape growers,” said Sam Filler, New York Wine & Grape Foundation. “The results of this effort will position us to best serve New York State’s growing wine and grape industry.”

The Farm Credit East consultant team tasked with this project will carry out 11 producer meetings across the state’s different grape growing regions to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that New York’s wine and grape producers feel are facing their industry. Any grower and/or winery operator is welcome to attend these meetings which will be held late January into February. More information will be forthcoming.

From the information garnered at these sessions, the Farm Credit East consultants will identify key elements to help refresh the mission and vision statements for the New York Wine & Grape Foundation going forward. The vision will position the Foundation to respond to the current research, policy and promotional needs of the wine, juice and grape industry. The consultants will also work with the New York Wine & Grape Foundation to develop goals and objectives that bring the vision to life.

“For more than 30 years, the New York Wine & Grape Foundation has done an effective job of promoting the interests of grape growers and wine production to drive growth in the state’s farm winery industry,” said Nathan Rudgers, Farm Credit East director of business development. “With new leadership in place, the board has wisely chosen to renew the Foundation’s commitment to the state’s grape growing and wine producing industry by engaging in this strategic planning effort.”


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