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Eastern Winery Exposition Offers Discounts to Members

Valerie Ross

Category: Industry

 The New York Wine & Grape Foundation is pleased to announce that we are a Supporting Sponsor of the Eastern Winery Exposition. 

The Eastern Winery Exposition is the largest production wine and grape trade show and conference east of the Pacific states. It is designed to provide Eastern U.S. and Canadian wineries and vineyards with an easily accessible, low-cost professional meeting with a variety of winery and vineyard suppliers, at the right time of year. A strong conference program, an exhibit hall featuring suppliers relevant to our region’s business of wine making, networking events, industry association participation, and flexible registration packages are all integral components of EWE.

EWE returns to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, March 6-8, 2018 where there will be more opportunities for sharing wine, knowledge, tips & techniques, networking, learning, socializing, equipment purchasing and wine tasting.

The License to Steal wine marketing conference also returns for a second year, March 7-8. This is where wineries, growers and others collaborate on marketing ideas and revenue generation. Click here for program information. 

The code for the New York Wine & Grape Foundation is NYWG18.  All New York Wine & Grape Foundation members can use this during the EWE registration process to save 10% on current rates.