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The Press Deck 3-7-18 ~ New Mission, New Goals ~ Governor Urges Combo Craft License ~ Concord Grape Research ~ NY Vintners Urged to Pop a Cork

Valerie Ross

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The Press Deck ~ 3/7/18
Field Notes: New Mission, New Goals ~ Governor Urges Combo Craft License ~ Concord Grape Research ~ NY Vintners Urged to Pop a Cork
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Dear Friends,
Last week at B.E.V. NY, in addition to the Unity Awards, I shared with the audience an update on the Foundation's strategic plan (video). The day before B.E.V. NY, the Foundation Board met for an all-day retreat. We were locked in a conference room from 8:30 am until 5:30 pm, and our creative thinking was fueled by limited production Riesling and Vignoleswines from Anthony Road Wine Company and delicious oatmeal cookies made by the R.I.T. Conference Center. The Farm Credit team shared the S.W.O.T. analysis results from the 11 regional focus groups that were held in all the State's grape growing regions during the month of February. Then the board went through its own S.W.O.T. analysis, and then it developed draft mission statement, draft vision statement, and draft eight objectives.

The Foundation Board and I are pleased to share the result of our retreat with our Press Deck readers for your review and feedback, as these are proposed and not yet officially adopted.

Mission Statement: The Foundation will promote the world-class image of New York grapes and wines from our diverse regions to responsibly benefit farmers, producers and consumers through innovative marketing, research, communication, and advocacy.

Vision Statement: To be the world's premier region for cool and cold climate viticulture.

Objectives (not listed in order of importance, all equally valued):
  • The foundation will develop contemporary and coherent strategies that support the execution of effective statewide and regional branding.
  • We will become a member-driven organization which strives to improve the retention, engagement, development, growth and service to our constituents. This will lead to a secure sustainable funding model.
  • We will advance the image of NY grape and wine products through engagement with market makers, influencers and consumers.
  • We will continue to be the standard-bearer of the farm based beverage movement through the development of alliances and partnerships in order to improve the policy and regulatory climate.
  • We will help facilitate efforts of regional organizations to develop and achieve their objectives.
  • We will lead the development and funding of viticulture, enology and marketing research programs that will attract public and private resources.
  • We will develop and execute a communication strategy that addresses the specific needs of our constituent groups
  • We will advocate for responsible environmental, agricultural and social practices that ensure the long term viability of the New York grape and wine industries.
The Foundation Board will reconvene later this spring to finalize and adopt a new strategic plan. We know that some of you did not have the opportunity to participate in person and would still like to participate in our feedback collecting process. For this purpose, we still have a short online survey available for you to provide us with your input. Your submissions will be anonymous and the survey should only take 10-15 minutes to complete. We appreciate your participation and ask that you share honestly and constructively.

I also encourage you to listen to the 2/26/18 Program of Evan Dawson's Connections show on WXXI in Rochester. Evan interviews NY wine and grape industry leaders Anna Katharine Mansfield, Hans Walter-Peterson, Dave Wiemann, and Kelby Russell. They discuss sparkling wines, the effects of climate change, and if the Finger Lakes has hit a saturation point in the number of wineries. You can download this episode as a podcast from iTunes.

Stay tuned to future Press Deck editions as we intend to experiment with new ways to communicate with our readers.


Sam Filler, Executive Director