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Are You Ready for the New York Wine & Grape Foundation’s Export Program?

Valerie Ross

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Call for Participants: Are You Ready for the New York Wine & Grape Foundation’s Export Program?
Learn more about the program, target markets and how you can best prepare your winery business for exporting.

Through a grant from the USDA’s Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS) and the Market Access Program (MAP), the New York Wine & Grape Foundation can assist New York wineries seeking to explore opportunities in markets abroad. This is accomplished by subsidizing costs of marketing and promotional activities to help increase awareness of New York's wine, regions, and grape varieties in a "generic" program. 

All New York State wineries are invited to participate. In an average year anywhere from 20 to 25 wineries engage in the program, and we’d love to see this number increase in the new program year (July 1st, 2018 – June 30th, 2019.) If you are seeking to stay 'ahead of the curve' in finding new markets, this program can help you explore your options economically. The quality reputation of New York wines is becoming more well known across target export markets. In fact, there has been an exciting rise in interest around hybrid wines from New York as members of the trade continue to seek out new and interesting flavors and stories for their customers. If you are producing hybrid wines and have not participated in the export program, this may be the year to start. 

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Why participate? 
Different wineries participate for different reasons, depending on their business model. Some send their wine (and staff) to international trade shows or events to connect with distributors, buyers, restaurants or retailers. Others may choose to have tour groups visit their winery in order to gain insight into how their wine might fit in the international market. 

Past program years have focused on the following markets:  Australia, Bahamas, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, China, France,  Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Sweden, United Kingdom
Learn More About Proposed Export Markets

Ideally, if you have representation in one of the above markets, you should strongly consider the Export Program. This program can help you reduce marketing costs and increase exposure of your product. If you are consideringthese markets and would like to connect with distributors, buyers or other members of the trade, we encourage you to participate in the Export Program!

Program Details

Generic Program: Marketing and messaging activities completed with funds from this program focus on the regions, style and qualities of New York wines. The goal of this particular program is to increase positive brand awareness about New York wines in general, across target international markets. Generic program activities include:

  • New York Wines exhibits at major trade shows and consumer events
  • Publication of brochures and other literature
  • Advertising and public relations
  • Familiarization tours of New York’s wine regions for the press and trade
  • Creation of comprehensive educational resources such as the New York Wine Course & Reference, the Varietal Series, and the statewide brochure
  • Meetings with key wine buyers - for the Canadian market, the Foundation works with a professional trade representative who organizes the events and arranges contacts. 
  • Data Collection: the New York Wine & Grape Foundation can provide data and analysis in order to help you find the information you need about markets, and whether your product will be competitive in that market. 

Steps to Getting Started with the Export Program:

1.    Proper labeling. Please note that the wine(s) promoted must be able to be labeled as New York or any of the official AVA’s. 

2.    Consider the fee(s). There is a participation fee of $150 for NYWGF Members the first market of interest and $75 for each additional market chosen.  The participation fee will be due upon receipt of an invoice and is non-refundable. 

3.    Wineries must contribute a modest amount of wine samples.

4.    Wineries will need to cover the cost of shipping to get the wine to the Foundation office for consolidated shipments.

5.    Wineries may need to pay some or all of their own travel expenses.

6.    Wineries must work within the guidelines of the program.


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Questions? Please contact Valerie Ross at the New York Wine & Grape Foundation: