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The Press Deck ~ May 2nd, 2018 ~ Call for Board Members - New York Wine Classic - Industry News - Member Corner

Valerie Ross

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The Press Deck ~ May 2nd, 2018

Call for Board Members - New York Wine Classic - Industry News - Member Corner

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Field Notes:

Dear Friends,
The New York Wine & Grape Foundation is excited to announce that we will be accepting nominations for positions on our Board with terms expiring in June. This is the first step in welcoming expanded industry input to our Board nomination process. Later this year, we intend to solicit industry volunteers to join our Board committees to help us better serve the industry and continue to grow the organization. Greater industry engagement with our Board serves our strategic plan objective to pivot to being a member driven organization.
Our Board Composition:
A 17-member Board of Directors oversees the New York Wine & Grape Foundation. The statute that created the organization in 1985 proscribed 11 mandatory board seats: Wine Grape Grower, Commercial Winery, Farm/Estate Winery, Table Grape Grower, Grape Products Manufacturer, Off-Premise Wine Retailer, Wine Wholesaler, On-Premise Wine Retailer, Member of an Education Institution engaged in the study of viticulture, entomology and enology (2), and a person familiar with Advertising/PR/Marketing of commercial products. The Commissioner of Agriculture & Markets and the Commissioner of Commerce serve as ex-officio members of the Board. Additionally, the Board was expanded in 1999 to include three additional “At-Large” Board seats to allow the Board to better represent the increasing number of NYS AVAs.
This year, we are seeking nominations for the following Board seats with expiring terms:
  • Off-Premise Wine Retailer
  • On-Premise Wine Retailer
  • Wine Wholesaler
  • Individual with a Professional Background in Advertising/PR/Marketing of Commercial Products
These individuals should have knowledge of the New York wine and grape industry and help the Board effectively represent all major grape growing regions.
A commitment to the New York Wine & Grape Foundation Board means:
  • Serving a Three-Year Term
  • Attend four in-person Board meetings per year (conference call option is available and travel expenses paid)
  • One conference call in April to approve annual budget
  • Participation on one or more Board committees: Administration, Research, Promotion and Audit
  • Available to participate in regional events
  • Serve as a region spokesperson for the Foundation
We welcome your nominations and self-nominations for the available Board seats.  Please submit them using our online form by May 15th, 2018.
The Foundation Board will review the nominations and vote to elect new Directors at its May 24 th Board Meeting.