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Valerie Ross

Category: Industry

I consider the New York Drinks New York (NYDNY) program to be the flagship initiative of the New York Wine & Grape Foundation.
We heard strong support for the initiative from all the State’s wine regions during our strategic planning focus group sessions and there is a desire to see this program grow and expand its impact. Wineries expressed interest in seeing the program move into new markets like Albany, Syracuse, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., and other major US wine markets.

Since 2011, 300 trade and media have participated in the vineyard, cellar and Harvest House visits to the Finger Lakes and Long Island, and over 2,500 trade and media have attended the Grand Tasting. These relationships are very valuable to NYDNY participants and to the Foundation. These relationships require ongoing engagement in order to maximize market penetration of New York Wines in the New York City market for the long term.

Upon review of the strategic plan results, the Foundation Board of Directors decided that to substantially grow NYDNY, we would need to transition the program management role to an “in house” position. The New York Wine & Grape Foundation is excited to be adding a full-time position, based in New York City, who will serve as a New York Wines Brand Ambassador( see job description).

The New York Wines Brand Ambassador will be responsible for building and sustaining our relationships with NYC based trade and media, develop a selection process for participants on the vineyard, cellar, and Harvest House visits, create a strategy to expand NYDNY into other markets, manage public relations and event planning consultants, and obtain sponsorships to support the program. Jennifer Cooper will continue to provide the backbone of support to the NYDNY program by managing participant communication, coordinating visit logistics and planning events, including the Grand Tasting.

As you can see from the strategic planning process, and a thorough and thoughtful deliberation by our Board of Directors, we feel strongly that the continued success and future expansion of the program requires the attention of a full-time staff member who is fully dedicated to executing the program.
Sam Filler, Executive Director