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The Press Deck - 9/12/17 ~ 45% Of U.S. Alcohol Consumers Regularly Buy Wine ~ Spotted Lanternfly Update ~ Riesling Road Show for Industry

Valerie Ross

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The Press Deck ~ September 12th, 2018

Field Notes ~ 45% Of U.S. Alcohol Consumers Regularly Buy Wine ~  Spotted Lanternfly Update ~ Riesling Road Show for Industry ~ Manhattanite Discovers the Beauty of FLX Wines ~ Wölffer Estate Nominated for American Winery of the Year ~ Legal Webinar

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We continue to grow our team at the Foundation!

I am excited to announce that Julie Purpura Hosbach will be joining our team as our new Communications Manager. Julie brings her deep experience as a wine educator, a certified sommelier, and knowledge of and passion for New York grapes and wine. She will be instrumental in elevating the quality and effectiveness of our various communication channels: website, social media, the Press Deck, member communications, promotional materials, and our wine education publications. We view her role as a critical piece in advancing the communications objective and goals outlined in our strategic plan.

This past Sunday and Monday, we brought a group of nine beverage buyers, sommeliers, retail shop owners, and media for our NY Drinks NY Long Island Vineyard Visit. 

I joined the group on Sunday, and while many of the wineries grow a varietal of distinction to their brand (Chenin Blanc, Albariño, Merlot or a Bordeaux Blend), it was the Cabernet Francs by each winery that generated conversation and feedback. Many from the group remarked to me how the quality of the Cabernet Franc was consistent across wineries, but they were surprised that the vinification style varied so much even between wineries across the street from each other. There were other stand-out wines from the tour, and I personally enjoyed the 2002 Lenz Merlot that Jerol Bailey pulled out from their library.

This year’s NY Drinks NY Long Island participants included:

On the Concord Grape front, we are supporting a project being hosted at the Canandaigua Wine Company to explore the effectiveness of Flash Detanté to remove undesirable characteristics. Equipment maker Della Toffola has sent a trial unit to Canandaigua to support experimental trials on Baco noir, Concord, and Rougeon. Dr. Gavin Sacks and his Cornell team will be onsite for their own sample collection and experimental trial.

This project complements the research that Dr. Sacks began last year on dearomitization, which was also supported with Foundation research funding. The trials are open to anyone in the industry that wants to observe the trials and see the Della Toffola unit in action. CWC will be starting each day with fruit arriving at 7 AM and should be finished processing by 7 PM. Trials start this Friday. Please contact me if you would like to participate:

  • Friday September 7th – Baco noir
  • Friday September 21st – Concord
  • Saturday September 22nd – Concord
  • Friday September 28 – Rougeon

Sam Filler, Executive Director
New York Wine & Grape Foundation