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Julie Hosbach

Category: Industry

Field Notes-
I enjoy podcasts as a way to keep up to date on current affairs, comedy, music, and food and beverage. They fill the hours in the car as I commute from New York City to Canandaigua, and when I wash the dishes waiting for me at home. I think that podcasts provide an effective medium for telling the stories of our community of grape growers, winemakers, retailers, and hospitality professionals. I am such a podcast acolyte that we recently invested our marketing resources to bring Lawrence Francis, host of the Interpreting Wine Podcast, to visit the New York region as part of our New York Drinks New York and Export programs.
This month, Lawrence launched a New York Wines takeover that chronicles his journey through New York State. I used this past weekend to catch up on all the episodes released, and I think that Lawrence did an excellent job capturing the passion, excitement, and diversity of perspectives within our community. Most of all, this podcast takeover celebrates the culture of our community, which is a culture of openness, sharing, experimentation, risk taking, and enjoying the good life. This culture cuts across all our grape growing regions and it is a testament to the many industry pioneers who contributed to our current success.
On this past Sunday’s episode, August Deimel, winemaker at Keuka Spring Vineyards, tapped into his inner Lebowski when he used a dudeism to describe his cabernet franc, “In the parlance of our times, this wine is totally crushable.” He explained that crushable means easy to drink and has a texture that makes you want to keep going; you are not going to “strip the enamel off your teeth after one glass.” There are many more excellent insights from August’s episode, and I encourage our readers to explore all the episodes because together they uncover and celebrate our culture.
I also find inspiration from comedians and the hospitality industry to continue raising the bar of our work at the Foundation. We are all in the business of purveying happiness, which takes constant reflection and hard work to get it right. I have been listening to Steve Martin’s autobiography, and he describes his 10 years working as a magician, vaudevillian, and stage actor until he broke through as a comic. And, I recently watched a video of Paul Grieco explaining how he took what he learned about hospitality from Danny Meyer to create a dynamic wine experience at his restaurants. And, this video of Danny Meyer connects the thread of Steve and Paul’s experiences with his theory of “The Irrelevancy of Being Right.” 
Thank you for indulging my philosophical rambling about culture, wine, and podcasts.  The benefit of growing grapes and making wine in New York is our freedom to experiment and explore to find what fits right. It certainly takes persistence, hard work, and an optimistic spirit. This is a noble endeavor that generates happiness for ourselves, our families, our communities, and fills the human spirit with soul of New York.
Sam Filler, Executive Director
New York Wine & Grape Foundation