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Julie Hosbach

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Field Notes

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I spent part of last week traveling to meetings in and around Seneca and Cayuga Lakes. Usually when I visit the Finger Lakes region, I choose to stay with a friend in Rochester who has a reliably comfortable bed and lives in a neighborhood perfect for evening runs. This past week, I traded the comforts and familiarity of my Rochester routine by electing to stay with Dani and Todd Eichas, owners of New Vines B&B and Winery in Penn Yan.

Todd and Dani host an evening social every night from 5-6pm, where they serve their guests a sampling of local cheeses and a glass of their Estate wine, which is complimented by their stunning view of Seneca Lake from the porch or Great Room. I found this to be the best part of my stay because I got to hear about the other guests’ experiences in wine country during that day and generally they shared about many positive tasting room experiences.

Also, Dani’s breakfast is not to be missed, as most of the ingredients are sourced from their garden or locally. I recommend trying her strawberry preserves that add a delightful flavor to toast. And, Todd makes several outstanding wines from his grapes; I especially enjoyed his Gruner Veltliner and Lemberger. I highly recommend booking a stay at New Vines if you plan to visit the Finger Lakes, and if you are a runner be prepared for challenging hills juxtaposed by inspiring vineyard and lake views.

Also, as reminder, the Flash Détente trials continue this Friday and Saturday at the Canandaigua Wine Company. The will be processing Concord grapes. The trials are open to anyone in the industry that wants to observe. CWC will be starting each day with fruit arriving at 7 AM and should be finished processing by 7 PM. Trials start this Friday. Please contact me if you would like to participate.

In last week’s Press Deck, we included an infographic from the Wine Market Council that summarized their recently released research report, “The Changing World of Retail Wine Shopping.” The Foundation has long been a member of the Wine Market Council and I serve as a member of the board of directors. Their reports are available for review at our Canandaigua office for any Foundation member. They do allow us to share a summary of their research findings, and if you find them useful to your business I would encourage you to become a member of the Wine Market Council.

Here are a few highlights from the “The Changing World of Retail Wine Shopping” report:

The largest proportion of the dollars respondents spend on wine they estimate they spend at grocery stores and supermarkets (42% on average), followed by wine specialty shops and liquor stores (17%). There appears to be distinctly channel-loyal segments for these two channels, i.e. people who buy the vast majority of their wine in food stores or wine/liquor stores.
The channels experiencing the greatest net gains in respondent purchases are winery direct, warehouse/club stores, as well as grocery stores/supermarkets.
71% of respondents only buy wine in person, while 2% only buy wine online.
Unplanned wine purchases are significantly more prevalent when shopping online than in person (76% do so at least sometime online vs. 61% in person). Online, customer reviews are most likely to prompt unplanned purchases. In person, respondents are most often prompted by the discovery of an interesting wine they haven't tried before or by encountering a wine that is discounted or on promotion.

Thank you for checking-in with us during the busy season of Fall Harvest. I hope that our Press Deck readers have exciting plans to celebrate the Fall Equinox this Saturday.

Sam Filler, Executive Director
New York Wine & Grape Foundation