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Export Program 2019 Sign Up Has Begun!

Amy Ellsworth

Category: Export Program

Interested in Selling Your Wine Internationally?

If your winery is interested in learning what it takes to break into international markets, and engaging in marketing activities outside of the U.S., then the New York Wine & Grape Foundation's Export Program is for you. Through a grant from the USDA’s Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS) and the Market Access Program (MAP), the New York Wine & Grape Foundation assists New York wineries seeking to explore opportunities in markets abroad – we call this the “Export Program.” 
The Export Program for 2019 is about to begin and all New York State wineries are invited to participate. Export participants do not have to be current members of the New York Wine & Grape Foundation.
The Export Program provides data, logistical resources, target market education, access to consultants in the field, and market activities like trade missions and large scale trade shows (just look at how happy people are to participate!)
This sign up form is for wineries who would like to actively participate in the Export Program from July 1st, 2019 through June 30th, 2020. If you have not read theExport Program Overview, we strongly recommend that you learn more about the opportunities and responsibilities associated with this initiative before committing to participation. This is an exciting program that can open a world of possibilities for a winery. The program overview will help ensure that participants are prepared with the information they need to make best use of program resources, that they understand the goals of the program, and their responsibilities to support those goals throughout the year. Again, we encourage you to learn much more about the program by clicking here.
You can sign up here for the Export Program at any time (but hopefully before July 1st to take advantage of the international buyers and press coming to New York in late July to attend FLXcursion.) As always, please feel free to call me at (518) 229-3765 or email me at with any questions. 
Thank you!
Director of Programs and Marketing
New York Wine & Grape Foundation