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Field Notes: Our Bold New Look

Sam Filler

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Field Notes...

From Sam Filler, Executive Director

Today, I am excited for our Press Deck readers to be among the first to see a preview of the “new” New York Wine & Grape Foundation brand. “Boldly, NY.” reflects the intrepid ethos embodied by our community of growers and producers. As New Yorkers, we are recognized the world over to have a unique and remarkable spirit that is irreverent, disruptive, and innovative. “Boldly, NY.” does not shrink away, but rather, places a spotlight on that audacious spirit putting us at the vanguard of wine innovation, quality, and experience.

Check out our bold new look.

Boldly NY Brand Logo

The Foundation team has spent the past two years working with and listening to our community members, making improvements to our programs and services based on that feedback. You told us how much you value our role in cultivating the image of New York grape and wine products. In order to do our best work for you, we knew that our brand needed to transform and embrace our own evolution, the evolving culture of wine, and the next generation of tastes and needs.

The “Uncork New York!” branding, in use since 1987, confidently built New York’s reputation as a quality grape and wine producing region. It served the industry adeptly for the past 30 years by fostering a united statewide community of growers and producers under one banner. We owe a debt of gratitude to former Governor Mario Cuomo, the New York State Legislature, former Foundation President Jim Trezise, former Foundation Vice President Susan Spence, and all those who breathed life into “Uncork New York!” and spread it widely to achieve our region’s international acclaim.

“Boldly, NY.” advances the spirit of our original brand, which established New York State as an open minded and progressive wine region. We are close-knit community that is approachable, collaborative and not precious about tradition. We are an intrepid band of outsiders, in this together, to challenge an industry of old-world institutions. We believe in what we do, so look out world as New York secures its spot at the front of the pack.

Regarding what comes next, the Foundation will be updating collateral over the next 12 months. This means that you will see some changes to our website now, however, within the next year we anticipate a major redesign of our online presence. You will also see changes in our social media channels, on printed forms and, moving forward, in any new marketing initiatives that we undertake. We will be making these changes methodically, and as capacity and funding allows.

We’ve anticipated that many of you might have questions that we can’t answer in one edition of the Field Notes, so we put together this FAQ for you.  As more questions come in we will make sure to keep it updated.

Stay tuned. We promise more news to come in the near future. We are excited to begin the next chapter in the New York Wine & Grape Foundation book, and for everything our collective future holds. Our team knows that this shift in branding will be another long process, but we are ready for it. We are, of course, Boldly, NY.

Boldly, Together.

Sam Filler, Executive Director
New York Wine & Grape Foundation

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