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Information About Our New Brand - FAQs

Valerie Ross


We are excited to unveil the “new” New York Wine & Grape Foundation brand. “Boldly, NY.” reflects the intrepid ethos embodied by our community of growers and producers. As New Yorkers, we are recognized the world over to have a unique and remarkable spirit that is irreverent, disruptive, and innovative. “Boldly, NY.” does not shrink away, but rather, places a spotlight on that audacious spirit putting us at the vanguard of wine innovation, quality, and experience. 

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“Boldly, NY.” advances the spirit of our original brand, which established New York State as an open minded and progressive wine region. We are close-knit community that is approachable, collaborative and not precious about tradition. We are an intrepid band of outsiders, in this together, to challenge an industry of old-world institutions. We believe in what we do, so look out world as New York secures its spot at the front of the pack.

Regarding what comes next, the Foundation will be updating collateral over the next 12 months. This means that you will see some changes to our website now, however, within the next year we anticipate a major redesign of our online presence. You will also see changes in our social media channels, on printed forms and, moving forward, in any new marketing initiatives that we undertake. We will be making these changes methodically, and as capacity and funding allows.

We’ve anticipated that many of you might have questions that we can’t answer in one edition of the Field Notes, so we put together this FAQ for you. As more questions come in we will make sure to keep it updated.

Brand Announcement FAQs

Why did you decide to rebrand?
We learned from our 2018 Strategic Planning process that industry members expect the New York Wine & Grape Foundation to take the lead in advancing the image of New York grape and wine products.  Branding forms an important part of our marketing efforts domestically and internationally. As the New York Wine & Grape Foundation has grown, we have recognized the need for our brand to grow with it. In partnership with our design firm, board of directors and community members, we believe that we have developed a new logo and tagline that captures our ethos, history, and most importantly, our future.

What about the “Uncork New York!” logo?
The Uncork New York! logo effectively fulfilled its original purpose - to put New York wines on the map and to keep us in the minds of everyone who saw that logo. We are fortunate it worked so well. As our brand, our wine, and design have evolved over the years, we thought it was time to take a comprehensive look at how we are presenting ourselves to the world.

What was the rebranding process?
The process of rebranding is typically a long and arduous one. Our process was no different. First, the New York Wine & Grape Foundation team solicited proposals from design firms from across the country, all with experience in the beverage industry. Second, we went through a staff and board committee review of all proposals and invited top candidates for in-person meetings with a statewide committee of staff leadership, winery, and board members.  When those meetings did not reveal a clear winning approach to our rebrand, we went back to the drawing board. Our team re-solicited consultants with a more specific request. Three firms were then invited to present to the committee. PM Design Group (now PDA) was ultimately the successful bidder. PDA then collaborated with a working group – again consisting of staff, board members, and winery members – to hone the brand elements including our ethos, colors, graphic images and more. The result is our new logo and tagline ‘Boldly, NY.’

How will this benefit wine and grape producers?
As evidenced by trade, press, and media attention over the last few years, the visibility of New York wines and our storied grower community, has risen significantly at home and abroad. As we continue to move in the upper echelon of wine regions, we present our producers and our organization alongside world class companies.  In that world, branding is essential. Great branding inspires and connects. Great branding ensures continued engagement with trade, consumers, and our friends in the media. This only raises the tide for all of us in the wine and grape industry here in New York.

Why no specific mention of wine or grapes?
The logo was intended to inspire and to have the flexibility to adapt to multiple situations. While the logo or “mark” does not have a mention of wine or grapes, it will be used in conjunction with either the New York Wine & Grape Foundation name or in the context of a publication, website, social media channel, or other collateral that references our mission, our wine producers, or our grape growers here in New York State.

What does the new brand represent?
PDA took the time to learn about the history of our grower and winery community. They, in collaboration with our working group, created our new brand ethos.  We believe the brand ethos represents the intrepid spirit of us all. This will be used in Foundation marketing materials in whole or in part and may also be used by our marketing partners and members.

First they ignored us, then dismissed us, then called us crazy
But we didn’t ask for approval
We are the outsiders in an industry of old-world institutions
We were never supposed to make it big
We could easily move and grow in perfect conditions, but we didn’t.
We leaned into adversity and came together as a family to make
something out of nothing.
The game is changing and we’re staking a spot at the front of the pack.
Instead of following centuries of tradition, rituals or rules
We are redefining quality, tastes, and experiences
Enjoy it how you’d like, we won’t judge.
Our future is not in algorithms.
It’s about our customers, our growers and our members
It’s for the people, by the people
Our collaborative ethos is irreverent in and of itself.
We’re an intrepid band of outsiders and we’re in this together.
A family, and we believe in what we do.

What else is changing?
This rebrand represents the exciting elevation of NYWGF programming to include more engagement with consumers, media, business partners, and our community. Regarding our marketing materials, NYWGF will be updating collateral over the next 12 months. This means that you will see some changes to our website now, however, within the next 12 months we anticipate a major redesign of our online presence. You will also see changes in our social media channels, on printed forms and, moving forward, in any new marketing initiatives that we undertake. If you are involved in programs like NY Drinks NY and our Export Program you will see updates to our printed materials as well as our booth presence at international trade shows. Of course all printed booklets and tasting materials will also be updated accordingly.  We are a small nonprofit, as you know, and do not have the budget immediately available to undertake every single piece of marketing collateral at once, but that’s OK. As we utilize the materials that we have on hand we will redesign them with our new brand elements at the forefront.

Can we still use the Uncork New York! logo?
We ask that you do not use the Uncork New York! logo in any marketing collateral created after August 22nd, 2019. We also ask that all of our partners and members phase out the use of the Uncork New York! logo on existing printed materials over the next 12 months.  Regarding online channels, we ask our partners to update their websites and social media, wherever the Uncork New York! logo appears, and update them with the logos you can find on our website in early September.

Where can I find logo specs, downloads and rules of use?
The New York Wine & Grape Foundation will be providing brand assets (i.e., logos, suggested fonts, our color palette, rules of use for the mark, and much more) directly to our marketing partners like wine trails, business associate members, and consultants. We will also make our Brand Guidelines and Rules of Use available to our partners.  A variety of logos and graphics will also be available on our website. This information will be available in early September.

What do we do with old materials? 
We ask that all materials with the Uncork New York logo are either utilized or discarded within the next 12 months. We understand that many of you have invested in various marketing materials and want to make sure that you have time to use them. If you have questions about this, please feel free to reach out to our office at     

Will NYWGF provide materials to support the rebrand?
In addition to the brand assets that will be available online, the New York Wine & Grape Foundation plans to work with retail and restaurant partners to provide Point of Sale materials for our members. Over the next 12 months we will be developing new marketing materials for the organization, as well as for the wine and grape community.

Will the materials be translated into multiple languages?
Because of our work through the Export Program, we do anticipate translating our materials into various foreign languages as budget allows.

How much did NYWGF spend on the rebrand? 
The rebrand process itself cost around $35,000 and was primarily paid for with support from John Dyson of Millbrook Winery and funding we receive from the USDA. We anticipate costs for the initial rebranded printed materials to be approximately $5,000. There will be additional rebranding expenses over time including new brochures, a new website and much more. The board of directors will allocate funds to support these rebranding efforts through our budgeting process.

Please feel free to submit additional questions to our team at for review and response. Please allow up to five (5) working days for follow up.