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WineVine~9/10/19~The Insider's Guide to New York Wines: An Interview with Charlie Marshall, Owner, The Marshal~WineVine Virtual Tasting Series: Riesling~NY Bootcamp~Classic Pairing Dinner at The Marshal

Julie Hosbach

Category: Industry

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Chef Charlie Marshall grew up in his parents' restaurant and on their farm on Lummi Island, in Puget Sound. His first restaurant, The Marshal, opened in 2013. The Marshal strives to emulate Chef Charlie's roots by creating approachable yet elevated farm-to-table cuisine.
The Marshal, named after the Wild-Wild-West protector of farms, is the first American exclusively wood fired restaurant in NYC. In addition to supporting local farmers and producers, The Marshal has been reminding New Yorkers that they live in the heart of a thriving, productive, and award winning wine country - featuring only NY wineries on The Marshal wine list. In 2016, The Marshal was awarded the New York Wine & Grape Foundation's Restaurant Award. That same year it gained it's Snail of Approval from Slow Food NYC, and has always been a Three-Star Certified Green Restaurant.