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WineVine~11/19/19~The Insider's Guide to New York Wines: An Interview with Brittany Gibson, Executive Director of Seneca Lake Wine Trail,~WineVine Virtual Tasting Series: Hybrids~

Julie Hosbach

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I was a first generation college student and attended Ithaca College, assuming I was on the path to law school. I was working as a paralegal and prepping for the LSATs when I was sidelined by a lengthy illness, which resulted in a lupus diagnosis in 2007. That gave me some time (and good reason) to re-evaluate my path. I decided that maybe I could take the business and marketing background from my undergrad and apply it to the wine industry, where I had been working at Fulkerson Winery in what had – up to that point – just been a fun weekend job. I gradually worked my way into more substantial roles at the winery, going on the road in sales and festivals, planning events, and so on, as I tried to get my health on track and set a course forward. When an advertising director position opened, I jumped at the chance and the rest, as they say, is history. I spent 10 years there total. That was the best opportunity I could’ve been given, since it opened my mind to a totally new path. I joined the Seneca Lake Wine Trail as the Executive Director in November 2018, following 3 ½ years as the Tourism and Marketing Manager at the Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce.