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WineVine~12/2/19~The Insider's Guide to New York Wines: An Interview with Todd Eichas, Co-Owner New Vines B&B/Winery,~WineVine Virtual Tasting Series: Cabernet Sauvignon~NY Gold~Upcoming Events

Julie Purpura Hosbach

Category: Industry

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Read Bio of Todd Eichas, Co-owner of New Vines B&B/Winery on Seneca Lake.

Todd is the proud co-owner/partner of New Vines Bed & Breakfast/Winery on a scenic property overlooking Seneca Lake with his wife Dani. He began as a grape grower in 2007 and opened into a winery in 2011.
He excels at not only growing grapes, but also many other vegetables and fruits that Dani uses to prepare fresh meals for guests.