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2019 Economic Impact of the New York Wine & Grape Industries


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The New York Wine & Grape Foundation Announces Results of the 2019 Economic Impact Study of the New York Wine & Grape Industries 

New report finds New York’s wine & grape industry supports 71,950 jobs, $2.79 billion in wages, and $6.65 billion in economic impact in the state 

NEW YORK - January 29, 2020 - The New York Wine & Grape Foundation (NYWGF) today announced the results of the 2019 economic impact study of New York State’s wine and grape industry. The study was funded by the NYWGF to estimate the economic contributions made by wineries, growers, distributors, sellers and others in the trade to the New York economy in the past year and to help the industry continue to grow. The study found that the wine and grape industry in New York directly creates 71,950 jobs, generating $2.79 billion in wages and $6.65 billion in direct economic impact.   

The report – conducted by John Dunham & Associates (JDA) – defines the wine and grape industries as: wine and grape juice manufacturing, wine and grape juice retailing, wine and grape wholesaling, wine grape growing, juice grape growing, tourism, wine research and education, and wine-related associations in the state of New York. 

New York’s wineries and vineyards attract visitors from across the state and across the country. These visitors not only create business for the wineries and vineyards but also spend millions on lodging, food, transportation, and other retail purchases, contributing to the value of New York’s tourism. JDA estimates that about 1.43 million people made over 4.71 million visits to New York’s wineries and vineyards. In addition to spending in the wineries and vineyards on wine, food, events, etc., these people spent an estimated $1.33 billion in other parts of the New York economy. The economic activity created by these visitors directly generates approximately 25,750 jobs, $825.72 million in wages, and contributing $1.80 billion in economic activity to the state.  

An important part of an impact analysis is the calculation of the contribution of the industry to the public finances of the country. In the case of the wine and grape industry in New York, the business taxes paid by firms and their employees provide $1.07 billion to the federal government and $1.12 billion to state and local governments. In addition, the consumption of wine in New York generated an estimated $58.97 million in federal tax revenues and $179.34 million in state and local tax revenues. These consumption taxes include excise taxes and state sales taxes. 

“We fund studies like the Economic Impact Study to better inform our members and the wine and grape industry at large in the state of New York. We’re continuously proud of the incredible and growing contributions our industry brings to both the state and the U.S. and we’re looking forward to the years of boldly growing in the future,” said Sam Filler, Executive Director of the New York Wine & Grape Foundation. The full report and factsheet, along with detailed data tables can be found online at:

The New York Wine & Grape Foundation was founded in 1985 by State Statute to support industry growth through investments in promotion, research, and capacity building. Today, the Foundation’s public-private partnership drives the industry’s growth and helps support the state’s wine and grape industry. To learn more about the New York Wine & Grape Foundation visit and follow along on Instagram and Facebook 


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