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WineVine~2/11/20~The Insider's Guide to New York Wines: An Interview with Kelby James Russell, Winemaker, Red Newt Cellars~WineVine Virtual Tasting Series: Wine and Chocolate~NY Wines in Paris!

Julie Hosbach

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Biography of Kelby James Russell, Winemaker, Red Newt Cellars:

Raised on an Erie Canal town just north of the Finger Lakes, like so many teenagers before him, Kelby was certain he would never return after High School. To his surprise, after graduating from Harvard College in 2009 he found himself learning winemaking in the Finger Lakes rather than living and working in an East Coast city. To his delight, he couldn't be happier. Kelby interned at Fox Run Vineyards under the wily Peter Bell from 2009-2011, with winter/spring interregnums to work harvests in Australia and New Zealand, before landing at Red Newt Cellars in 2012. In the ensuing years he has helped push Red Newt's Riesling reputation ever further, while also becoming the consulting winemaker for the Empire Estate Riesling project and Thomas Pastuszak's Terrassen wines.In a career highlight, in 2019 Kelby co-organized the FLXcursion Conference with Oskar Bynke of Hermann J. Wiemer. This International conference brought a who's-who of winemakers,journalists, and trade to the region for a three day celebration of the Riesling grape and Finger Lakes wine region.In a winemaking romance, Kelby is married to Julia Hoyle, winemaker at Hosmer Winery. The two met while working together behind the tasting bar at Fox Run in October 2009, and neither can believe how lucky they are.