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RIT and the Center for Integrated Manufacturing Studies

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A Leading Source of Solutions for Manufacturers

The Center for Integrated Manufacturing Studies (CIMS) at Rochester Institute of Technology provides technology assistance, testing and work force training to companies in a wide variety of industries. Through these partnerships the center has assisted firms in improving internal processes, reducing operating costs, and decreasing or eliminating the use of hazardous materials. These technology and workforce development successes have assisted firms in enhancing global competitiveness while also improving environmental quality.

CIMS’ capabilities include Lean and Six Sigma training & application, ergonomics and health & safety training, clean technologies development, reverse engineering, technology testing and implementation and facility planning.

Located on the campus of Rochester Institute of Technology, CIMS represents a dynamic collaboration of in-house technical expertise, as well as academic, industry and government resources. The center can also assist firms in accessing information regarding state and federal funding opportunities for training and technical assistance.

For more information regarding CIMS’ services or to sign up for an upcoming training program please visit the following Web site.