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The New York State wine and grape industry is an exciting and constantly evolving community.  To reflect these changes, The New York Wine & Grape Foundation is in the process of updating statistics and resources for your use.  Please note that a New York State Vineyard Survey and Economic Impact Study are currently being conducted and should be available in early 2020. With that information the New York Wine & Grape Foundation will also be updating the definitive New York Wine Course & Reference Guide and the New York Winery Guide.  These should also be available in early 2020.

We appreciate your patience and your support of our industry.  If you have specific questions that require immediate attention, please email our Membership & Events Manager, Jennifer Cooper.

​​The New York wine industry is a major engine of economic development, generating well over $13.8 billion in economic benefits to New York State annually. Wineries—which mean new investment, new jobs, new tourism, and new taxes—have spread from the traditional regions to places never envisioned as wine regions. While some statistics, like vineyard acreage, grow slowly, the number of wineries changes nearly every week. This section includes a photo gallery, statistical reports on the wine industry, a link to a special program in New York City, and several other helpful links and resources.

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