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The New York wine industry is one of the most diverse in the entire wine world. We want to help our wineries, retailers, wholesalers, and potential customers understand a bit more about the riches we have to share and so we're creating a varietal series called "New York's Great Grapes".

The first phase of this program will be shelf talkers (2 types), case cards, price cards, and table tents for retailers and restauranteurs to help their customers find just the right wine to fit their needs. Click on the varieous documents below to view the promotional material/information sheets we've created, and keep watching for more as we're able to develop them.

New York's Great Grapes

Here are a couple of hints for use of these files:

Table tents look like a blank document when they load... but if you scroll down you'll see that you're looking at the back of the card first and that the front follows.

For best results in printing for commercial use, be sure to download the instructions Page.