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The New York wine industry has grown strongly since 1985 when the New York Wine & Grape Foundation was created, and the growth trend continues to accelerate, with well over 300 licensed wine producers throughout the State. In addition, the creation of new wineries has spread well beyond the traditional regions to all corners of the State: of New York’s 62 counties, well over 50 have wineries, which now exist in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens!

The New York Wine & Grape Foundation has served as an “incubator” to help new wineries get established by providing basic information about laws and regulations, business plans, marketing and much else. The Foundation has also financed major research at Cornell University aimed at improving the quality of New York grapes and wine, and the sustainability of vineyards and wineries. This section contains a few of the resources available to grape growers, winery owners, and those who would like to be.

Membership Forms

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Winery members receive additional information about the national wine trade


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Grower members support the research program which helps them grow quality fruit


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Business Associate members benefit from increased awareness amongst industry of their services / products.


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Consumer members help the Foundation keep the industry informed on all sorts of topics